Jewellery Tray Patina Blue

£ 180.00

The Copper Patina collection are heritage of the “Silvery Kintsugi collection” with extended  processes of copper patination. Trays are buried up in wet dust for days to allow nature to form its surface’s texture and colour.  While we wait patiently to harvest the result, the chemical reaction endow vitality and transcendence to the finished design.

Patina Blue系列是承襲Kintsugi金繕系列並加入更高階的銅綠鏽化技法。將器皿完全埋入濕土中數日後,藉由大自然的化學變化對作品上色,使表面生成的銅鏽造就了超凡的顏色美感與材質細節,為作品注入了強烈的生命力與獨特性。

Dimensions H 35mm x Ø 160mm
Weight 370g / Shipping Weight 570 g
Material Jesmonite/ Alloy/ Copper


The products were made of Jesmonite – a water based acrylic resin that consists of gypsum and marble particles which give the material a satin, marble-like surface. The colour of the product originates from different oxidised metal particles casted with in the resin.

Every items are all carefully crafted and handmade in our London studio. It may not be the exact piece as the images, variation should be expected.

Material Jesmonite/ Copper powder/ Alloy


Additional information

Weight 570 g
Dimensions 160 x 160 x 35 mm