Pod LED Light

Pod Light is an interactive and playful lamp that you can carry along with you around the home areas. The beam was defused through a bubble embedded acrylic bar, giving it a shimmery, gorgeous effect. It sparks up the dark corners of the house and adding a bit of warmth and comfy to the room.

The magnet attachment and rechargeable design offer the possibility to detach each individual light from the base and to explore and play with various ways of displaying them. The light mounts firmly on to any iron surface, therefore, they can be displayed from any surprising angles.Having its own rechargeable and long lasting battery truly frees up the chance to move the light around the living areas and to decorate with them at one’s preference.

Whether it’s an evening backyard party, a cozy indoor reading corner, or even the bedroom, Pod Light can spice up the joy being as a portable lantern or a fixed point modular interior decoration. It is an interactive and playful illumination product that merges the boundaries between space illumination, interior design and home decorations.

Hotel lobbies, restaurants, cafes, or any other interior open spaces are the perfect occasions to incorporate the product together with interior illumination and space design. Modular design can very adaptive to various dimensions of corners and walls.

Scaling down to a desktop dimension, the design sits perfectly on a shelf, table top, or next to one’s bedside as a glimmering decorating item. When needed, the light can be dismounted and accompany one exploring from room to room in the dark night.