Rankaku Incense Burner

£ 40.00

Urushi work is the art of creating designs on the surface of artworks by painting them with the sap of the Urushi tree.

After painting a design with Urushi, you place eggshells broken into tiny pieces on its surface. This makes it possible to create a bright white, which is difficult to achieve with colored Urushi. The shells of quail eggs are generally used.

Dimensions H 8 mm x L 160 mm x W 45 mm

Shipping Weight 350g

Material Jesmonite

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The products were made of Jesmonite – a water based acrylic resin that consists of gypsum and marble particles which give the material a satin, marble-like surface. The colour of the product originates from different oxidised metal particles casted with in the resin. Every items are all carefully crafted and handmade in our London studio.

It may not be the exact piece as the images, variation should be expected.

Material Jesmonite

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 175 × 55 × 30 mm