Lantern Candle Holder Iron


The Lantern tea light holder collection features a repairing technique, which the product was grafted seamlessly together with a piece of broken glass with another piece of Jesmonite to represent it’s original shape. Sitting on a hand turned wood base, the design stood out visually with a strong material impression.


Dimensions H 85mm x Ø 138mm
Weight  200g
Material Jesmonite/ Glass/ Wood base


Lantern Candle Holder Patina is made of Jesmonite which features both good flame and impact resistance. Jesmonite is kind of acrylic resin which consists of a gypsum-based material. The colours of the products originated from the metal particles casted in the resin. Colours might occur or change according to its exposure to moisture, alkaline or acidic substances.

All the products are hand-made. It may not be the exact piece as shown in the image.

Material Jesmonite/ Iron/ Glass/ Wood base

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 85 × 85 × 138 mm